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CALA Family Fiesta (Seniors)

Empowering Latin American Seniors

CALA Family Fiesta (Seniors) allows seniors to participate in activities at select areas in the City of London.

For more information e-mail coordinator@calalondon.ca.

CALA Family Fun Night 

Physical activity and events for families

CALA Family Fun Night is a community program that will provide sports, dance lessons and arts focused activities for all families, to promote a healthy lifestyle and strengthen family bonds in a fun environment.

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Leading Women 

Leading Women is a leadership, soft skills, and job readiness program designed for the Latin American woman.

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In November of 2009 through a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, CALA conducted a Needs Assessment for the Latin American Community of London and area. The report contained a special focus on seniors, families and women, and highlighted that specific programming is needed for these groups, including social activities, community involvement, and language acquisition.

In 2015, followup community conversations and exploratory discussions, indicated that these needs are still present in our community. CALA will aim to meet these needs through the directions outlined on its Strategic Plan of creating programs for seniors (CALA Casa), families (CALA Explora) and women (D.A.M.P. Project).


In 2016, the Ontario Trillium Foundation once again recognized the importance of CALA’s work and gave their generous support to launch Leading Women – a leadership, soft skills and job readiness program designed specifically for the Latin American Woman In addition, the Ontario Senior’s Secretariat, through the Seniors Community Grant, funded Family Fiesta (Seniors) to offer Spanish-language activities to Latin Americans aged 65+ in London.