Nos ayudan a descubrir las necesidades, intereses y conexiones en la comunidad para desarrollar programas, eventos y recursos
Miembros comunitarios, miembros de CALA y organizaciones asociadas


Asiste al equipo administrativo para alcanzar la visión de manera prudente, ética y eficiente
Presidente de la junta directiva, 1er vicepresidente, 2do vicepresidente, tesorero, secretario y miembros de la junta


Lleva a cabo el manejo ejecutivo de la organización, con la ayuda del personal y voluntarios
Director Ejecutivo, Gerente de Desarrollo de Fondos, y Gerente de Mercadeo


Apoya nuestro trabajo en eventos, seminarios y programas, además de tareas administrativas
Gracias a los voluntarios por su apoyo en CALA

Junta Directiva

Liliana Lara


Liliana Lara has been in Canada since summer 2000. She has always been involved with the Community, organizing several events like Festivals, Galas and Kids activities. She loves to volunteer and participate constantly. She is proud to be the President of CALA which encourages her to continue giving to the Community. Her professional life is divided between Insurance and Events planning and has been in the Insurance Industry since 2004. She studied Journalism and Media Relations in Colombia and events Planning in Fanshawe College in London ON. She is energetic professional with high ethical values and commitment. She is currently a Business Agent for Allstate Insurance and specializes in Home & Auto Insurance. Events and Community work are her side “hobbies” that she enjoys the most.

Junta Directiva

Arturo Dominguez

Vice Presidente


Arturo Dominguez has a bachelor’s degree in science and literature. Arturo worked in the Financial sector in El Salvador, in micro technology in California, and as a certified quality control inspector in Ontario. Nowadays, he is collaborating with CALA as 2nd vice-chair. His hobbies include: building plastic models such as airplanes, ships and cars; as well as going to car racing events, soccer events and general sports.

cala_staff_raul Raul Gutierrez

 Oscar Zarco

 Sandra Quin

cala_staff_lucy Lucy Quaglia